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Airbnb Puerto Vallarta: 6 Tips for Vacation Rental Hosts 2023

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta: 6 Tips for Vacation Rental Hosts in 2023. Owning a vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta can be a very lucrative investment. Tourism is at an all time high and many frequent travelers are opting for vacation homes. During the high season, many snow birds and digital nomads flock to Puerto Vallarta. They are looking to escape the cold and call the beach town home for a few months of the year. 

Running your own vacation rental business is a lot harder than it sounds. It requires daily management and staying up-to-date on the latest vacation rental tips and tricks. Managing reservations and organizing cleaning and maintenance schedules can become a full-time job.

If you own a vacation rental, keep reading for our top Airbnb Puerto Vallarta tips for 2023. We are your trusted vacation rental management company in Puerto Vallarta.

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta tip 1: Form partnerships with local experience vendors

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town full of exceptional tours and experiences. From boat rides to in-house chefs, it is important to form partnerships with trustworthy companies. This an easy way to score points as a host and give back to local businesses while you do it. Not to mention, these vendors can also be a great ambassador for your property. They are in contact with many travelers daily and can spread the word about your rental.

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta tip 2: Use a dynamic pricing tool

In order to make the most out of your short-term rental business, it is necessary that you monitor pricing trends. Nightly rates will fluctuate throughout the year. You will need to constantly update your prices to keep them competitive and earn more. Dynamic pricing tools are a great way to monitor local market trends.

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta tip 3: Plan for seasonality

Puerto Vallarta’s high season runs from about December to mid-April. During these months, your occupancy rates and revenue will be the highest and bookings will require little-to-no extra marketing efforts. But what can you do on the off months to keep your rates high? A few marketing tactics might help. 

  1. Post your listing on all international booking platforms. Don’t limit yourself to just Airbnb and Booking.com. The more online presence your listing has, the higher the chance is that it will be booked.
  2. Form business partnerships. Puerto Vallarta is a hub for ongoing yoga retreats, tourism conferences, sporting events and more. By forming partnerships with the organizers of these events, you can boost occupancy even in the low season.
Airbnb Puerto Vallarta tip 4: Make sure you’re complying with local laws

If you are an expat living in Mexico, it may be hard to stay on top of local laws. Between language barriers and ever-changing policies, it is important that you have a local insider you can trust. This way you can stay up-to-date, avoiding any legal issues that could put your vacation rental business in jeopardy.

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta tip 5: Use professional photos

There are so many listings on the search page and your photos will make you stand out from the rest. Many photographers in Puerto Vallarta specialize in real estate photography and they will be able to photograph your space with online listings in mind. 

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta tip 6: Hire a property management company

If you are struggling to keep up with the demand necessary to reach your rental’s full earning potential, hire someone to do it for you. Local property managers like Naya Homes offer packages varying from revenue management to full-service revenue and administrative support. For a small commission, you will end up earning even more and building a successful short-term rental business with the potential to grow and invest in more real estate opportunities. 

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How can I attract more renters to my vacation rental property in Puerto Vallarta?

To attract more renters to your vacation rental property, it's important to have high-quality photos and a detailed description of your property on your listing. You should also consider offering competitive pricing, providing amenities such as Wi-Fi and air conditioning, and ensuring that your property is clean and well-maintained.

What are some legal and safety considerations for vacation rental homeowners in Puerto Vallarta?

As a vacation rental homeowner in Puerto Vallarta, you should ensure that your property complies with local regulations and safety standards. This may include obtaining permits, installing smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and providing emergency contact information to your guests. It's also a good idea to have liability insurance to protect yourself in case of accidents or injuries on your property.


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