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Can You Buy a House in Mexico Without a Residency?

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With its stunning beaches, colorful culture, and low cost of living, Mexico is a well-liked vacation and ex-pat destination. Whether it’s feasible to buy a house in Mexico without a residency is frequently asked by individuals who want to do so. Yes, purchasing a home in Mexico without residency is possible, but the procedure may be a little challenging.The fact that you do not need to be a resident of Mexico to own property there does not stop you from doing so, but there are still a few other reasons you might want to consider. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our post on the issue and learn something new if you consider purchasing a home abroad! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries concerning property or residency in Mexico; we would be happy to assist.

Property can be Purchased in Mexico without a Residence Requirement

Everyone has the right to private property under the Mexican Constitution, regardless of nationality. However, in some places, such as those close to the border or the shore, there are some limitations on foreign ownership of the real estate. These limitations vary from state to state and are implemented to safeguard national security and natural resources.

You can purchase real estate in Mexico as a tourist or an absentee owner, use retirement savings, buy the property through a trust, or buy it as a business. Even without setting foot on Mexican territory, you can plan everything online.

Furthermore, numerous real estate agents in this area can offer guidance and other services like legal support and other options if you need clarification on what kind of home will best suit your needs. Real estate agents, attorneys, and notario (Mexican notary) are essential in purchasing property in Mexico.

The Mexican Notario will Handle all Closing-Related Matters and Paperwork

The Notario (Mexican notary) will handle all closing-related matters and paperwork. A lawyer who wishes to practice law in Mexico must first be legally registered with the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They can aid you in any transactions that require legal assistance because they are qualified to represent you at closing.

Suppose someone needs to be proficient in Spanish or read it well enough to complete the necessary documents. In that case, they may also be able to engage a lawyer from their home country to represent them if they need to become more familiar with Mexico or Spanish law.

Additionally, some foreigners prefer this because it gives them more comfort knowing that someone who speaks their native language will always be present during every step of the transaction process, as opposed to relying solely on Google Translate and other translation apps available online, which can occasionally cause people to make mistakes when trying to interpret official documents written in another language.

Our real estate professionals directly consult the top notarios in Mexico. Additionally, they may aid in ensuring that the legal procedure for purchasing your property is thorough and complete. Contact our real estate agents right away for assistance.

The Deed(s) will be Written by the Notario and Recorded at the Public Registry of Property

You need to sign on the dotted line at this point. In addition to writing the deed(s), which will be entered into the Public Register of Property, the notary will handle all the closing documentation.

With a focus on real estate law, the notary is a lawyer. Before handing you a copy of your deed that has been notarized, they will handle all the paperwork associated with this transaction and make sure everything is in order (s).

But since residency in Mexico is not necessary to purchase your house, why would you want to do so?

Being a Resident of Mexico gives you access to Employment Opportunities and Several Governmental Services

Residency is a step toward citizenship, although they are different. You must be eligible for and receive your “residente temporal” (temporary resident) visa before you can live in Mexico as a resident.

While your residency application is being processed, which could take up to two years, you can live in Mexico with a temporary resident visa. You can travel without restriction and engage in employment throughout this time.

Although it is not a Requirement, there are Several Additional Reasons you might wish to acquire Residency in Mexico if you want to own Real Estate there

Understanding the distinction between residency and citizenship is essential before you hastily purchase a condo in Tulum. Property purchases in Mexico are not subject to residency requirements, but numerous other instances exist.

For starters, foreign citizens are not permitted to work or open bank accounts within the borders of Mexico if they lack documentation proving their legal residency. Suppose a foreign national seeks access to government services like healthcare and public education.

Resuming: Residency makes the process more straightforward if you decide to buy a house.


In other words, you can purchase property in Mexico without being a resident there, but you should not automatically discount the possibility. In Mexico, for instance, having a work permit allows you to work and earn money while using government benefits like health care. Many people also discover that the procedure for authorizing their documents aids in better acquainting themselves with their new home nation. Before you decide, speak with an immigration attorney and conduct online research if you think residency would be the best option for your circumstances.

There are practical concerns besides the legal aspects of purchasing property in Mexico. For instance, you must obtain a unique tax ID number and pay taxes on rental revenue if you intend to rent out the home when you are not using it. Also, you will need to ensure the property is appropriately maintained and managed, which can be difficult if you live in Mexico part-time or do not live in Mexico.

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