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Naya News     25 Apr 2024

Naya Homes and Shuttle Central: Stress-Free Transportation

Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with Shuttle Central, a top-notch transfer startup known worldwide, to make your stay at Naya Homes even smoother. Now, getting to and from nearby airports is a breeze for our guests. No more stressing about arrivals and departures.

Why Book Your Transportation in Advance?

  • Avoid long wait times: By booking your transportation in advance, you can ensure a driver is waiting for you at the airport as soon as you arrive. This way, you won’t have to wait or deal with the uncertainty of finding suitable transportation.

  • Free yourself from unnecessary stress: With your transfer pre-booked, you can relax and enjoy your vacation from the moment you disembark. You don’t have to worry about organizing transportation at the last minute or facing potential setbacks in an unfamiliar city.

Advantages of Booking Your Transport with Naya Homes

  • You can easily make your reservation online or contact your Naya Homes Happiness Ambassador to assist you.

  • The Shuttle Central team will monitor your flight in real-time

  • You will have a highly qualified driver and a sanitized vehicle, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment during your transfer

  • Your payment is 100% secure

With this new alliance, we hope to provide you with a peaceful start and finish to your journey. Worry less so you can focus on enjoying your time at our exclusive destinations.

*While Shutter Central serves as a reputable service provider for Naya Homes, it is important to clarify that all personnel, including staff and drivers, are exclusively employed by Shutter Central and do not hold affiliation with Naya Homes.

Experience comfort from the moment you land with Naya Homes and Shuttle Central.


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