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Naya News     18 Jan 2023

Airbnb vs. Naya Homes: What is The Difference?

Airbnb vs. Naya Homes

Airbnb vs. Naya Homes: The term Airbnb has become synonymous with the term short-term rental. Property owners have discovered that renting their home short-term is a lot more lucrative than the traditional long-term rental. By renting their homes on Airbnb, they can make up to 2-times more per month. 

The popularity of the short-term rental model has opened the doors to a new type of rental market, with many new business opportunities taking form. To further explain, below are the three main stakeholders in the short-term rental industry:

  1. Property owners (Hosts)
  2. Online booking platforms (Airbnb,, Expedia, etc)
  3. Property Managers (Naya Homes) 
  4. Guests
Naya Homes vs. Airbnb: The difference between an online booking platform and a property manager

Airbnb is a online booking platform that homeowners can use to showcase their rental property and generate more bookings. However, they are not directly affiliated with the day-to-day operations of each rental property. Hosts are responsible for their property’s cleaning, maintenance, guest support, revenue management and more.

The day-to-day operations, however, can become quite stressful for Airbnb Hosts. This is where property management companies like Naya Homes come in. Although Naya Homes has its own booking platform, all of the listings on our website are managed by us. This ensures a higher level of consistency, since all property listed have been carefully vetted by our expert team. 

Naya Homes vs. Airbnb: At Naya Homes, our primary customers are homeowners

We empower property owners and investors to unlock their full earning potential by providing solutions to day-to-day short-term rental headaches. Some of our services include:

  • Revenue management
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Guest support
  • Reservations management
  • Publishing listings on over 15+ booking websites, including Airbnb
  • Administrative paperwork and tax compliance
  • Expert home care

Short-term rental hosts can spend up to 40 hours per month on administrative tasks. At Naya Homes, our goal is to eliminate their day-to-day headaches and help them earn more.

Naya Homes: How does it work? 

The Naya Homes business model is quite simple: when homeowners earn more, we earn more. We work as trusted partners to care for each property while making its owners more money than ever before. For a small commission, homeowners can completely eliminate their operational headaches and even earn more. Here’s how:

  1. We use sophisticated software to publish listings on over 15+ international booking platforms (including Airbnb). This boosts occupancy while also boosting revenue. 
  1. Once the listings are published, our data science team develops a robust pricing strategy. This ensures each property is within the most high-earning properties in your region. 
  2. Our operations team handles all day-to-day tasks, including cleaning schedules, guest support, home care and home improvements.
Airbnb vs. Naya Homes: Summary

Both Airbnb and Naya Homes play critical roles in the short-term rental industry. Airbnb is the largest online booking platform, hosting millions of rentals all over the world. 

Naya Homes is a property management company that uses the Airbnb platform, among others, to increase bookings. In additional to listing properties on multiple platforms, we also handle the day-to-day operations of each rental business. This removed operational headaches while helping our homeowners earn more.


What is the difference between Airbnb and Naya Homes?

Airbnb is a global online marketplace that allows hosts to rent out their properties to travelers for short periods. Naya Homes is a local property management and vacation rental company that offers a range of services, including property marketing, guest communication, and housekeeping.

Which is better for renting out my property in Puerto Vallarta: Airbnb or Naya Homes?

The best option for renting out your property depends on your specific needs and goals. Airbnb may be a good option if you want more control over the rental process and are willing to do the work of managing your property. Naya Homes may be a better option if you want more support and assistance with managing your property and attracting renters.

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