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What Does the Monthly Fee I Pay to Naya Homes Include?

Finding an efficient property management service can be a challenge. At Naya Homes, we understand that needs can vary, so we offer two flexible plans. If you’re looking for more information on our prices, keep reading to discover what is included in the monthly fees we charge for the services that help you maximize returns on your investment property.

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Every property, owner, and situational context is unique. That’s why we’ve designed plans that adapt to what you’re looking for. Below, you’ll find details of each:

Plan 1: Revenue Optimization

This plan is designed for property owners looking to maximize short-term rental income. With a 20%* commission on the total property income, Naya Homes commits to enhancing your profits through digital services supported by advanced technology and a specialized team.

The following services are included in both plans:

  1. 5-step onboarding process. Prepare your property to start promoting it and enjoy the benefits of our services.

Learn more details about each of these steps here.

  1. Listings management: Continuously prepare and improve your property listings on various online platforms to attract the right guests.
  1. Advertising and digital marketing: Execute digital strategies to promote your property on key platforms.
  1. 24/7 Booking Management: Have a team available at all times to handle booking requests from any platform.
  1. Online customer support: We remotely solve any questions or concerns at any stage: during the booking, stay, and after check-out.
  1. Pricing strategy: Maximize your income through dynamic rates that ensure optimal occupancy.
  1. Access to the Owner’s Portal online: Maintain total control over your property through an easy-to-use platform, where you can view statistics and calendars at any time, from any device.
  1. VAT and hospitality tax payment: Manage fiscal aspects to ensure compliance with all legally required taxes.
  1. Rental insurance: Provide additional protection to cover unforeseen events in your property.
naya homes prices

Plan 2: Full-service Property Management

For a more comprehensive service, including on-site attention, Plan 2 is the better choice. In addition to Plan 1 benefits, charged with a 20%* commission on total income (25% in Los Cabos), this package offers additional services for greater peace of mind and comfort. It includes an additional monthly cost of US $175* per 1-bedroom property.

What does this Naya Homes monthly fee include? If you opt for this plan, you’ll receive the following services:

What does this Naya Homes monthly rate include?

If you opt for this plan, you’ll receive the following services:

  1. Check-in, Check-out and Concierge. All the necessary attention for a hassle-free experience for your guests, from arrival to departure.
  1. Cleaning: Maintain your property constantly impeccable.
  1. Continuous maintenance: Regular inspections to ensure everything in your property works correctly and is in perfect condition.
  1. Designated Property Manager: Have a dedicated professional manage all aspects of your property.
  1. Monthly payment management: Remove administrative worries by handling bills like gas, electricity, internet, and others.
  2. Continuous presence on all Naya Homes booking channels.

Click here to view the comparative table of services for each plan and evaluate their benefits.

In summary, the monthly fee you pay to Naya Homes not only covers basic aspects of property management but goes beyond traditional management, offering services that add more value to your investment.

Finally, one of the frequently asked questions we receive from our clients is:

If I am going to stay in my property, do I still have to pay the monthly fee?

You can spend as much time as you want in your property, considering any prior reservations you have and blocking your stay on your reservation calendar. Remember that you can handle all of this through our Owner Portal.

Naya Homes will continue to charge the monthly fee for the plan you have, as we will continue to manage your listings, future guest reservations, and provide the other services mentioned earlier. Additionally, we will continue to offer the cleaning and maintenance you need during your stay, just as we do for all guests.

*Please note that fees may vary based on property size, location, and required services. For more information, please review our Terms and Conditions.


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