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Homeowners     23 May 2024

Hassle-Free Management Solutions for Your Vacation Rental

Managing a vacation rental property requires a range of services to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests. At Naya Homes, we offer a variety of additional services tailored to meet the unique needs of our vacation rental owners. Explore our service options below and discover how we can help you elevate your property’s appeal and convenience.

Explore Our Comprehensive Service Options

ServiceFee ($USD)TypeDetails
Internet / Phone Service Installation$50.00FlatContact company, presence at installation
Utility Name Transfers$40.00Per utilityPreparation of paperwork and processing
In-person supervision visits$25.00Per hourNaya personnel at a property waiting for delivery or supervising third-parties
Additional Concierge Check-in$25.00FlatReceiving non-paying guests, or additional check-ins in a trip
Additional Partial Photoshoot$150.00FlatFlat
Additional Full Photoshoot$300.00FlatFlat
AC Preventive Maintenance$50.00Per ACCleaning, topping off refrigerant, reviewing if deeper maintenance is required
Online Purchase Assistance$20.00Per itemAssisting owners to source items for their properties (e.g. a fridge)
In-person Purchase Assistance$75.00Per tripVisiting a location, on behalf of an owner, to acquire items for owner
Package Delivery/Handling @ Naya Office$20.00Per packageReceiving and holding a package in our office, to be delivered to unit
Package Delivery/Handling @ Property$25.00Per hourNaya personnel, waiting for delivery of owner’s items in unit
Installations of basic items (TV, washer, dryer, paintings, etc.)$35.00Per hourBasic installations carried out by Naya personnel. Additional parts required will be charged separately
Simple Clean (Refresh)$30.00FlatA simple clean or a refresh of the unit, cleaning the floor, making the beds (not changing sheets), washing dishes, taking out the trash. This does not include laundry services
Standard Clean$30 + $10 per additional bedroomFlatA complete turn of the unit, including laundry
Deep Clean$100 + $20 for 2+ bedroomsFlatDeep cleaning
Maintenance WorkQuoted upon requestFlatFor items not included in this list, a quote is first delivered to client

Concierge Services

ServiceFee ($USD)Type
Supermarket Visit (up to $175)$35.00Flat
Supermarket Visit ($175 or above)20% of total costVariable
TransportationQuoted per requestFlat

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