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Q3 2023 Insights: Riviera Nayarit’s Short-term Rental Industry

Nayarit, the coastal gem of Mexico, is a tranquil paradise celebrated for its pristine beaches and enchanting landscapes. The short-term rental market in this serene destination has witnessed both challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of travel. Join us as we explore the key insights of Q3 2023, which cast light on the present scenario and future prospects.

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This analysis is based on market averages across all 2-bedroom condo listings in Riviera Nayarit.
Data sourced from AirDNA, internal data, Transparent, and Wheelhouse.

The Numbers: What’s Happening in Nayarit?

The third quarter of 2023 has brought forth some intriguing figures for Nayarit’s short-term rental market. Monthly short-term rental revenue has experienced an 11% decline compared to the previous year, primarily attributed to lower occupancy rates during July and September. Remarkably, nightly rates have remained stable, underscoring the resilience of pricing strategies in the face of changing market dynamics.

Market Factors: Supply and Demand

A deeper understanding of the Nayarit market requires a closer look at supply and demand factors.

Supply: Nayarit is experiencing steady growth, and this is evident in the 21% increase in active listings on online travel platforms when compared to the previous year. With ongoing construction projects, this trend is set to continue, offering property owners an opportunity to participate in the growing market.

Demand: While the number of reserved nights has remained relatively flat compared to the previous year, an exception is seen during the summer break, where a notable 22% year-over-year growth has been observed. The ebb and flow of demand suggest seasonal patterns that property owners can leverage.

External Factors: Beyond Mexico City

Nayarit’s short-term rental market is not isolated from external influences that shape traveler behaviors.

End of Home Office: Mandatory office days enforced by numerous American companies have led to a significant decline in remote workers. This shift has impacted travel patterns and choices, influencing the state of Nayarit’s short-term rental market, and aligning with trends noted in other regions (The Guardian).

Super Peso: The appreciation of the peso has impacted the purchasing power of international visitors, although it has had the opposite effect on local tourism. Prices have remained steady due to favorable currency exchange rates, contributing to the appeal of Nayarit as an attractive destination.

Forecast: What Lies Ahead

As we look into the future, it’s anticipated that occupancy rates will continue to lag behind the levels seen in 2022 until Christmas week. However, there’s a silver lining to this projection: a robust high season is on the horizon. Current forecasts suggest that future occupancy rates for January through March are expected to remain on par with the previous year, pointing to a brighter outlook.

Intriguingly, there’s a noticeable uptick in future occupancy in lower-cost neighborhoods, indicating a preference among price-sensitive consumers. This trend presents new opportunities for property owners, offering fresh avenues for investment.

Nayarit’s short-term rental market is an evolving landscape filled with promise and resilience. Whether you’re an investor seeking new horizons or a traveler planning your next coastal escape, the insights from Q3 2023 offer a glimpse into a destination that continues to adapt and allure. Stay tuned for the complete blog post, where we’ll unravel the full story and help you make informed decisions in this coastal paradise.


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