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Homeowners     17 Jan 2024

How Naya Homes Ensures the Security of Your Property

At Naya Homes Property Management, the security of your property is our top priority. In this article, we will explore the ways in which we prevent and address issues to ensure that every property we manage remains consistently protected.

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How does Naya Homes screen guests?

Before they arrive at the property, we request IDs from each guest on the reservation for proper record-keeping. We provide them with our general rules and other specific property regulations. Additionally, we review the ratings they have received from previous experiences on booking platforms to assess their behavioral history.

We maintain constant communication with the internal security teams of each building, who promptly notify us of any complaints or issues during a stay. This does not apply to properties without security teams.

What happens if a guest breaks or damages something in my property?

If we are informed or discover any material damage during the post-checkout inspection, the responsible guest will be charged for it. The Naya Homes team will handle the replacement or repair. If the guest refuses responsibility for the cost and the damage falls within the coverage of our insurance, we will cover it.

What happens if a guest is making noise inside my property?

At Naya Homes, we aim to ensure harmonious coexistence among neighbors or individuals sharing common areas of the properties we manage. Therefore, we have established codes of conduct that we communicate to guests before their arrival in the form of clear and specific rules, to which they commit to adhere.

In the event of a reported violation of any of these rules, such as excessive noise outside permitted hours, our guest services team will contact the guests to take necessary actions.

What happens if a guest commits a crime inside my apartment?

Security is our top priority. In the case of reported illegal or criminal activities, we fully cooperate with the relevant authorities to ensure a fair and swift resolution. Additionally, we maintain transparent communication with property owners, who will not be held accountable for the consequences of the guests’ actions.

What happens if a natural disaster causes damage to my property?

We are aware of unforeseen events due to natural causes, and our goal is to protect your investment and provide support in difficult times. In such circumstances, we follow an emergency protocol. We assess the damages to your property and work with insurance companies that guarantee coverage in these situations. It’s important to note that our insurance has a special focus on properties by the sea, considering all specific variables of this context.

In conclusion, our mission is to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our team of specialists is prepared to proactively address any issues and ensure that your property is in safe hands. By choosing Naya Homes as your property manager, you prioritize security and trust.


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