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Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta | 6 Tips for Hosts

Owning a vacation property in Puerto Vallarta can be a highly profitable investment. In addition to being one of Mexico’s most important tourist destinations, both regular travelers and digital nomads are opting for short-term rentals. However, managing your own Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, is not as straightforward as it may seem. Handling bookings, scheduling cleanings, staying on top of maintenance needs, and maintaining good reviews can become a full-time job. Keep reading to discover Naya Homes’ top tips for achieving successful management of your Airbnb.

Los Muertos Beach at Puerto Vallarta. Photo: Cinthia Aguilar

#1: Make partnerships with local experience providers

Puerto Vallarta is a tourist city full of exceptional tours and experiences. From boat rides to visits to restaurants by prestigious chefs, it is essential to partner with trusted companies. Offering these curated recommendations will help you earn points as a host while giving back to local businesses. Additionally, these providers can in turn promote your accommodation, as they are in contact with many travelers daily and can help spread the word.

#2: Use a dynamic pricing tool

The days of complex manual calculations are behind us. To make the most of your Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll need to stay in control of pricing trends. Nightly rates fluctuate throughout the year, and it’s necessary to constantly update your prices to keep them competitive and earn more. Using a tool to establish dynamic pricing has become essential to staying ahead of local market trends.

#3: Plan considering seasonality

The high tourist season in Puerto Vallarta runs from December to mid-April. During these months, occupancy rates will rise, revenues will be higher, and bookings will require little or no additional marketing effort. But what about the low season months to maintain your profits? Some tactics that can help include:

  1. Posting your listing on all international booking platforms. Don’t limit yourself to Airbnb and The more digital presence your property has, the more chances it has of getting bookings.
  2. Building partnerships with other businesses. Puerto Vallarta is a place of continuous yoga retreats, tourism conferences, sports events, and much more. If you partner with the organizers of these events, you could increase occupancy even during low seasons.

#4: Ensure compliance with local laws

Staying abreast of all local regulations can be challenging, especially if you don’t live in the city where your vacation property is located or if you’re an expatriate living in Mexico. Between language barriers and constant policy changes, it’s important to have a trusted local contact. This way, you can stay up to date and avoid any legal issues that could jeopardize your Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta.

#5: Use professional photos

Among the many accommodations that appear in search results for Puerto Vallarta on Airbnb, how do you make yours stand out? The quality, quantity, and even the order of photos are factors you should use to your advantage.

Unprofessional photos, poor lighting, or angles that don’t aesthetically favor your property negatively affect people’s interest in booking. Don’t skimp on this significant aspect; many photographers in Puerto Vallarta specialize in real estate photography, so they’ll be able to photograph your space with the expertise and knowledge of online listings.

#6: Hire a property management company

If you’re struggling to maintain the necessary demand to reach the full income potential of your property, hire someone to do it for you. A professional property management company, like Naya Homes, offers options ranging from revenue optimization to full-service support that includes all the administrative support you need. For a small commission, you’ll end up earning more and building a successful vacation rental business with the potential to grow and invest in more real estate opportunities.

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