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Naya Homes | The Ultimate Guide to Condesa Mexico City

Welcome to Naya Homes in Condesa, Mexico City. Below is our curated neighborhood guide, so you can check out the best spots within walking distance from your apartment. We hope you enjoy your stay in Condesa Mexico City.

About Condesa

La Condesa is one of Mexico City’s coolest neighborhoods, with no shortage of amazing restaurants, parks and tranquil tree-lined streets. Spend your days walking down Amsterdam Street, admiring the greenery, chic boutique shops and cozy cafés. Then, enjoy a night out at one of the bustling bars within walking distance. With its cosmopolitan vibe and laid-back, bohemian aesthetic, there is something for every trendsetter in this laid-back slice of Mexico City.

The top 5 cafes and breakfast spots in Condesa

  1. Blend Station 
    Avenida Tamaulipas 60
    A go-to coworking cafe for locals and digital nomads 
  1. Chiquitito Cafe
    Alfonso Reyes 232
    A cozy cafe serving fresh coffee, sandwiches and snacks
  1. Qūentin Café
    Amsterdam 67a
    Specialty coffee shop offering baked goods, a small seating area and trendy decor
  1. Saint
    Gral. Benjamín Hill 146-1
    Delicious local bakery with a small coffee window
  1. Enhorabuena
    C. Atlixco 13
    Cozy spot to hang out with a book or your laptop with outdoor seating

The top 5 restaurants in Condesa

Photo: Stefan Johnson
  1. Botánico
    Alfonso Reyes 217
    A lush courtyard with elegant decor and contemporary sharing dishes
  1. El Pescadito
    C. Atlixco 38
    A popular northern-style fish taco restaurant. Casual, cheap and delicious.
  1. Lardo
    Agustín Melgar 6
    A Condesa staple, serving all-day mediterranean food in a chic and buzzing environment
  1. Tacos Don Juan
    C. Atlixco 42
    If you’re looking to try authentic Mexico City tacos, Tacos Don Juan is the place to go in Condesa
  1. Anónimo
    C. Atlixco 105
    A popular gastropub serving classic Italian dishes and a wine list as impressive as its cocktails

The top 5 bars in Condesa

  1. Baltra
    Iztaccihuatl 36D
    Ranked as one of the best 50 bars in the world, Baltra serves up the best classic and specialty cocktails. Check them out on their famous martini Tuesdays
  1. Hotel Condesa DF Rooftop
    Av. Veracruz 102
    Located on the rooftop of the Condesa DF boutique hotel, this spot overlooks the lush Parque España in a chic setting, perfect for happy hour drinks
  1. Leonor
    Av Nuevo León 163
    A late-night dance club staple, open from 12 AM to six in the morning. Go prepared to party until the wee hours of the morning
  1. Caimán
    Av Nuevo León 120
    A trendy hole-in-the-wall, no-frills mezcal bar and restaurant. Not into mezcal? They’ve got some impressive wine and cocktail options as well
  1. La Clandestina
    Av. Álvaro Obregón 298
    A favorite amongst tourists looking to sample some delicious late-night mezcal cocktails

The top 5 spots for shopping in Condesa

Photo: Charles Deluvio
  1. Viejo Amor
    C. Atlixco 81
    A women’s clothing boutique offering a mix of trendy vintage options as well as locally made original designs
  1. Cavanegra Natural Wine Shop
    Amsterdam 255-Suite 215
    A great option if you’re looking for a natural wine to pair with a cozy night in, or a bottle to impress your dinner party guests
  1. Columpio
    C. Atlixco 71
    A trendy clothing and accessory shop featuring bold colors and designs. Conveniently situated next to the popular Mooni gallery and the women’s clothing store Cardon, you can spend hours exploring the shops on this corner of Condesa
  1. Someone Somewhere
    Av Michoacán 128-1Bis
    Ethically made clothing and accessories that support and celebrate traditional Mexican artisan crafts
  1. Caarmela
    Amsterdam 252
    A women’s fashion and concept store with a selection of clothing and accessories from various designers

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