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10 Things to do in Cabo | The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for things to do in Cabo for your next trip look no further. Keep reading for our expert guide.

There are a wide range of things to do in Cabo for all ages and interests.
There are a wide range of things to do in Cabo for all ages and interests.

Cabo San Lucas, a tourist paradise in Baja California Sur, Mexico, is famous for its exclusivity and beauty. There is a reason why it is the preferred choice of celebrities and millionaires from around the world.

At Km 0 of the federal highway, the turbulent waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the serenity of the Sea of Cortez. Here you can witness unique pastel sunsets that embrace the majesty of the rock formations forming the renowned Arch of Cabo San Lucas, or “the end of the earth” as they say in Mexico.

Those who travel to Cabo seek privacy. According to Forbes, 80% of international flights arriving in Cabo 2022 were private flights. This is an impressive record, mainly sparked by the 2020 pandemic.

When we talk about Cabo, we’re referring to a municipality in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, where two distinct yet exceptionally picturesque cities are located:

  1. San José del Cabo, where the journey begins – the most traditional, picturesque, and cultural city. A short drive away, you can reach Cabo San Lucas, home to the marina, nightlife, and the start of your entire adventure.
  2. Just a short drive away, you will reach Cabo San Lucas, where the marina, nightlife, and adventure collide.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about what you can do in Cabo!

Cabo is famous for its oceanfront hotels with stunning views overlooking the coastline.
Cabo is famous for its oceanfront hotels with stunning views overlooking the coastline.

Things to do in Cabo: A list of activities

If this destination is on your list for your upcoming vacation but you’re not sure what to do in Cabo, we present you with a list of the top 10 activities that you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

1. Enjoy the beaches

San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are connected by a tourist corridor, which provides an overview of everything there is to experience in Cabo.

From this corridor, you can admire the stunning hotels in the area, the golf courses, and, of course, you can access many free public beaches.

A positive aspect of Cabo beaches is that, besides being paradisiacal, they are also Blue Flag certified. This means they meet the highest international standards in terms of:

  • Environmental protection
  • Security
  • Services and information
things to do in cabo
Looking for things to do in Cabo San Lucas? Explore one of its incredibly popular beaches

The most popular beaches in Cabo

When considering what to do in Cabo, the first thing that comes to mind is “swimming.” From the tourist corridor, you can reach various beaches suitable for swimming, such as Playa Palmilla or Playa Las Viudas, which, while suitable for swimming, but can have strong waves.

Playa Chileno is another famous beach in Cabo that connects to the tourist corridor. Here you can swim or snorkel. Nearby is the serene Santa María Beach, considered a marine sanctuary. This beach is located in a natural cove, allowing it to have calm blue waters without waves.

Next to the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find Playa Corsario, ideal for those seeking privacy as it’s less frequented by tourists. On the other side of the Marina is the well-known Playa El Médano, with its blue waters and golden sand. This beach is the heart of Cabo, where you’ll find everything you want to do.

Other beautiful paradisiacal beaches in Cabo

From the Marina, you can board various types of boats that travel along the entire coast of Cabo San Lucas, allowing you to access:

  • El Balconcito: Nestled among rock formations, this small and less crowded beach features calm blue waters, making it the perfect spot to unwind.
  • Playa Pelícano: One of the most popular beaches for snorkeling, diving, and interacting with marine life.
  • Playa El Amor y el Divorcio: A must-visit spot in Cabo, with lively crystal-clear waters and golden sand. This beach is located between the Sea of Cortez (Playa El Amor) and the Pacific Ocean (Playa El Divorcio). Swimming is prohibited at the latter due to strong waves.

2. Explore Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Arch of Cabo San Lucas
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is an iconic rock formation sculpted by nature over the years.

The most emblematic tourist attraction of Cabo is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, where for many, it marks “the end of the Earth.” It is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, which is the third longest in the world.

Geologically, the arch was formed millions of years ago, as a result of tectonic plate movements. It was the powerful erosion of the sea that, over time, sculpted large rocks, creating these spectacular formations.

The significance of the Arch of Cabo San Lucas lies in its unique beauty. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its imposing presence and location amidst a desert and oceanic landscape make it a stunning and one-of-a-kind place in the world.

Visiting the Arch of Cabo San Lucas is one of the best activities to do in Cabo, and you can access it in many ways:

  1. Kayaking and snorkeling, which allow you to get closer to Arch
  2. Boat, yacht or catamaran

People can either take these excursions privately or opt for shared boat tours. Similarly, you can choose to take the tour in the morning or enjoy the magical Cabo sunset by the water.

3. Indulge in local gastronomy

restaurants in cabo
One of the things you must do in Cabo is enjoy a Baja fish taco, which originates from this region of Mexico.

As a quintessential Mexican tourist destination, excellent cuisine is a must. Therefore, one of the essential activities to do in Cabo is to indulge in its food.

Cabo cuisine, and the cuisine of Baja California Sur, is a true delight for food lovers. This coastal area presents a unique blend of traditional Mexican flavors with international influences and fresh hints of the sea.

Some of the most popular regional dishes include:

  • Seafood and fish tacos
  • Smoked marlin
  • Chicken fajado tamales
  • Aguachile
  • Almejas chocolatas (a type of mussel native to the region)
  • Different variations of seafood soup

The culinary offerings around the Marina range from simple eateries to the most luxurious and exclusive restaurants. Here are a few of them:

  • Baja Brewing Co. Located on the seventh floor of Hotel Corazón, where you can enjoy an exclusive view of the sunset.
  • Sunset Monalisa. Whether outdoors or under a palapa, this high-end Mediterranean restaurant offers three menus: à la carte, five-course, and seven-course options.
  • Metate Cabo. The best choice if you want to experience Mexican cuisine made with ancestral techniques.

    If your destination is San José del Cabo, Alvaro Obregón Street offers a wide variety of restaurants. However, if you’re seeking more exclusive experiences, here are some options you can consider:
  • Parole Los Cabos. A restaurant that combines high-end Italian cuisine with the most exclusive seafood products.
  • Café Des Artistes Los Cabos. Located within the JW Marriott hotel, it offers a gastronomic experience that combines Mexican dishes with gourmet French techniques.

4. Enjoy the marine life

Whale watching in Cabo
Whale watching in Cabo provides the exciting opportunity to witness majestic whales in their natural habitat, creating unforgettable memories for nature enthusiasts.

Another thrilling activity to do in Cabo, particularly in Cabo San Lucas, is the internationally-renowned Bisbee’s fishing tournament, where over 200 boats compete to catch the largest black, blue, or striped marlins.

However, the region offers much more than sport fishing.

Cabo San Lucas has ideal conditions for humpback and gray whale sightings. If travelers are lucky, they might even get to touch them. The whale-watching spectacle can be experienced from December to March or April.

Furthermore, those who embark on a journey from the Marina to the famous Arch will be accompanied by sea lions throughout their entire journey. And for the more adventurous souls, there are exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, or diving, which will allow you to swim alongside the most colorful tropical fish.

Recommendation: Taking a tour on a boat with a glass bottom is an ideal option for children, seniors, or those who want to see the fish without submerging themselves in the water.

5. Discover the nightlife

Nightlife in Cabo offers a vibrant blend of clubs, bars, and restaurants that offer entertainment and fun for every taste.

If you intend to enjoy Cabo’s vibrant nightlife, we recommend staying in Cabo San Lucas. It offers a wide range of entertainment options.

Cabo San Lucas is a city that never sleeps, with an extensive coastline filled with restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and live music venues.

Here, you will find a diverse selection of establishments to suit all tastes and preferences, ensuring an unforgettable nighttime experience.

There are options for all tastes and budgets:

6. Relax at a luxury spa

spas in cabo
The spas in Cabo offer a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, where visitors can enjoy indulgent treatments in a serene and luxurious setting.

Spas in Cabo are a must for those seeking to disconnect and find peace amidst the beauty and luxury of this destination.

Whether you’re looking to wind down after a long day of activities or simply gifting yourself a relaxing moment, immersing yourself in a spa Cabo is the perfect way to begin renewing your body, mind, and spirit.

Their spas and services are world-class, and some of them include:

  • Massages At The Sand Bar offers a relaxing experience where you can enjoy the breeze and the sound of the waves while receiving a massage.
  • The Desert Spa is ideal if you’re looking for a more private and exclusive option. The spa offers a variety of relaxation choices, from massages to saunas, jacuzzis, and beauty treatments.
  • Solmar Spa Collection Their oceanfront wellness centers welcome you to a private experience of well-being and healing. Here, you can balance your body and connect with nature in an exclusive setting.

7. Immerse yourself in the local culture

The rich intersection of history, culture, and art in Cabo is unveiled in its museums, festivals, and artistic expressions.

Beyond the art and jazz nights that hotels and resorts offer, every corner of Cabo is a nook brimming with history, culture, and art that deserves to be admired.

Just minutes from Cabo San Lucas, you will find the town of Todos Santos, an authentic Mexican village nestled amidst desert and tropical vegetation. From Todos Santos, you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean, local craftsmanship, and the iconic Hotel California.

It’s common to come across cultural expressions along the streets of San Jose del Cabo that depict the history of the locality. Photographs, murals, and paintings enable tourists to learn about its roots.

The most well-known cultural events in Cabo are:

  • Art Walk, takes place every night from November to June in San Jose del Cabo.
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Los Cabos (the international Cabo film festival), The 2023 edition will take place from November 29th to December 3rd.

8. Practice water sports

snorkeling in cabo
Exploring the underwater wonders of Cabo San Lucas through snorkeling: a window to an aquatic world filled with colors and life.

For those who wish to combine relaxation with a touch of adrenaline and adventure, Cabo is the perfect place.

Its calm and crystalline waters provide the opportunity to engage in activities such as snorkeling and diving. A family-friendly option is taking canoeing and kayaking expeditions to the Arch and Playa El Amor. These are safe choices to personally navigate the waters of the Sea of Cortez, get close to rock formations, and interact with marine life.

Paddleboarding and flyboarding are also enticing options for the thrill seekers with great balance.

Cabo’s waters can range from tranquil to extreme, and the proximity of the Pacific Ocean creates large waves at certain beaches like Costa Azul, Acapulquito, Cerritos, and Playa Monumento, that are perfect for surfing.

9. Explore the Cabo Pulmo natural reserve

cabo pulmo
The Cabo Plumo natural reserve: Immerse yourself in the biodiversity of this aquatic treasure

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, visiting Cabo Pulmo, also known as the “Aquarium of the World,” is one of the best things to do in Cabo.

Its clear blue waters harbor over 300 fish species, five endangered species of sea turtles, and a total of more than 800 species of marine life, including hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, white sharks, and humpback whales.

Cabo Pulmo is a National Park, and therefore a protected natural area. To respect the fragility of the ecosystem, it’s mandatory to adhere to environmental regulations, which include not littering, not harming flora and fauna, and refraining from fishing or hunting marine species.

Thanks to its biodiversity, Cabo Pulmo has established itself as one of the world’s premier destinations for snorkeling and diving. Both guided and independent visits allow for the enjoyment of this protected area, considered an international model of ecotourism and conservation.

10. Play on world-class golf courses

cabo san lucas golf
Play while overlooking the ocean on Cabo San Lucas golf courses

The region has an impressive variety of courses designed by renowned golf architects such as Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio and Robert Trent Jones Jr.

Many of these courses offer spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the surrounding desert and mountainous landscapes.

It was the Jack Nicklaus courses that brought the world’s golf elite to Cabo. Today, Cabo has more than 18 golf courses.

Among the most outstanding San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas golf courses are:

  • Cabo del Sol.
  • Palmilla Golf Club.
  • Quivira Golf Club.
  • Diamante Dunes Course.

These golf courses are the meeting point for different golf tournaments:

  • Los Cabos Golf Classic
  • Los Cabos Pro-Am

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Cabo and the Baja California Sur region of Mexico is a destination that offers a lot of things to do for travelers of all ages. With beautiful beaches, coral reefs and marine sanctuaries, excellent cuisine, and nightlife, you can enjoy the diversity and beauty of marine life up close in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world.

Whether you are traveling as a family, couple or solo, Cabo has activities for everyone.

You can relax on the beaches, enjoy water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, explore the historic center of San José del Cabo and delight in the delicious local and international cuisine.

Whether you are a nature lover, adventurer or just looking to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery, Cabo is a magical destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.


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